Marketing Support

Marketing and promotion are the essential aspects of any business. For this reason ABIBA PHARMACIA provide a wide range of promotional tools to our customers to get their franchised sold without any problem.

  • VISUAL AID - It will help you provide brief but useful information to your customers and audience about the products. We design the visual aid in a way to leave long lasting impression in the mind of customers.
  • PRESCRIPTION PADS - They are one of the ways to promote your products in the most effective way.
  • Individual literatures - Latest references and competitors knockouts are included in our litatures for each product in leave a lasting impression on the mind of the customer.
  • Product Glossary - The product glossary provided by us will help your Representatives & DOCTOR to stay updated with the range of pharma products available under your Pharma franchised company.
  • Order Book - Taking order from the medical stores is one of the prime job responsibilities of your MR.So,to make things easier for him, we offer order book as a part of our promotional tools.

Beside these services, we offer Result oriented marketing strategies, viz.

  • Advertisement support in leading medical journal, medical indexes like Drug today.
  • Company understand new demand of market & introduce new molecules in every month to help associate to grow faster & deeper in market.
  • Soft Copies of VAF for Laptop/Tablet detailing
  • Product Training Manuals for Key Products