Best Pharma Distribution Company in India

Best Pharma Distribution Company in India: Abiba Pharmacia is the fastest-growing Indian Pharmaceutical Distribution Company. We have our agents all across the nation in major cities enabling a quick supply of products to retailers and hospitals. With several years of experience in the Pharma Industry, we have attained expertise in handling bulk orders within limited times. We are committed to preserving the quality of pharma products throughout the transit. This enables us in serving our clients in the best manner. Our consistent efforts to satisfy our clients beyond their expectations have placed us as the Best Pharma Distribution Company in India. 

Abiba Pharmacia has the vision of supplying the best quality life-saving and other necessary drugs to every corner of the nation within a limited time to save lives. several lives are lost daily in remote locations just because the right medication could not reach on time. We wish to improve this situation by establishing a logistics network to speedily supply the best medication to the needy. We aim at becoming the most favored Pharma Distributor in India.

What Makes us the Best Pharma Distributor?

Abiba Pharmacia is a vertically integrated Pharma Distributorship Company operating PAN India. Abiba Pharmacia is a well-certified pharma company engaged in manufacturing and distribution and allied services. Abiba has expertise in manufacturing an exclusive range of pharmaceutical products including injectables, capsules, tablets, oral syrups, sachet, powders, etc. Abiba Pharmacia adheres to all the guidelines laid down by the Central Drugs Standard Control Organization under the Directorate General of Health Services Ministry of Health & Family Welfare Government of India. These guidelines aim at ensuring the unique quality of pharma products after it has arrived from the production unit until it reaches the final consumer.

  • Climate Control Throughout transit: It is very important to maintain the right temperature for the medicines to maintain their right content throughout the transit. Thus we make sure the products are transported and stored in cold storage. This keeps the medicines safe and effective for consumption until it reaches the final consumer.
  • Well-connected Distribution Chain: We have highly dedicated Carry and Forwarding Agents(CFAs) at major locations throughout the country. They assist in maintaining the stock of our products and delivering them to required locations on request orders. CFAs further deliver these products to stockists or sub-stockists or hospitals as the demand arises. They further transport them to the retailers. This helps us in catering to the retailers instantly.
  • Warehouses: We have established our warehouses at strategic locations to assist transportation of goods through0ut the nation and to these CFAs as well. We put special emphasis on warehouse management to ensure the quality of products is maintained throughout the storage time. Educated personnel is employed at warehouses to assess the climate and environment and ensure the safety of products.
  • ISO-Certified Company: Abiba Pharmacia is an ISO 9001:2008 certified Pharma Company engaged in manufacturing, distribution, export, franchise, and sale of high-quality pharma products. Abiba Pharmacia follows all the set rules and guidelines for distribution practices.
  • Frequent Inspections: Our quality control team is dedicated to conducting regular inspections of the warehouses and other transportation services to check the atmosphere of the pharma products throughout the transit.
  • Modern-class infrastructure: We have set up advanced modern-day infrastructure to help achieve the quality goals and its preservation. Advanced technologies have enabled us to make unmatched quality pharma products.

All these features have kept us as the first choice of top pharmaceutical companies. With our efforts, we have been associated some of the best pharmacies in the nation. And we aim continuously improving and innovating to reach greater heights.

An Overview for Pharma Distribution in India

Indian Pharmaceutical logistics/distribution industry is growing at an annual growth rate of an average of 4% since 2002. India’s Pharma Distribution Industry is rapidly growing with more new stockists and pharmacies adding to the count every year. Taking this opportunity, Abiba Pharmacia entered the Pharmaceutical Distribution industry around a decade ago is now proudly the Top Pharma Distributor in India. There is yet huge untapped potential for growth in the pharma distribution industry. We consistently aim at reaching greater heights taking our clients and other associates along with us.

Indian Pharma Distribution industry requires a lot more development than what it is at present. There’s a lot to be done to overcome the various challenges posed by this industry over the distributors. Various rural locations go uncatered with distributors concentrating in urban locations only. Thus a lot of infrastructures are required to be created to cater to the rural locations.

India is already observing a rise in courses for education on Supply Chain Management and thus we may get a well-educated workforce to develop the logistics network of the pharma industry. Moreover with awareness regarding supply chain management will bring the latest technologies for cold chain management to maintain the original essence of medicines.

Trusted Pharma Distributorship in India | Abiba Pharmacia

Abiba Pharmacia is the perfect fit for you. With an overall superb distribution system and logistics network spread PAN India including all the rural & urban areas, we are able to handle bulk orders & ship them within the stipulated time period. The company owns the top of a line pharma range that covers segments like Anti cold range, Pediatric range, Steroids, Veterinary, Gastro range, Ayurvedic range, Anti Amnesic Drugs, Antibiotics, Drugs for Cough & Cold, Orthopaedic range, Pain Management Drugs, and many more. We possess state-of-the-art manufacturing units that enable us to manufacture a perfect pharma range and medicines to cater to the necessities of everyone.

Being an ISO 9001:2008 certified pharmaceutical organization we make sure to adhere to all safety and quality parameters laid down by the government and regulatory authorities. Abiba Pharmacia Pvt Ltd will help and support in every possible way to gain access to every corner across PAN India. You will be equipped with complete company literature and marketing tools that will help you to create the visible presence of your business, market products, and enjoy high selling.

  • Adheres to WHO-GMP guidelines
  • Active supervision of Quality Control Team
  • Temperature control practices in place
  • major emphasis on quality of products
  • quality control testing conducted as per drug regulators
  • state-of-the-art manufacturing units
  • competent personnel supervising warehouses
  • posses all legal documents to undertake distribution activities