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Gastro Products Franchise – Looking for authentic and quality Gastro products? Want to deal with the best product range? If yes, then Abiba Pharmacia has a lot more to offer. We are a prominent name in the Indian Pharma industry and the leading Gastro PCD Franchise that is engaged in the business of manufacturing and distributing high-quality gastrointestinal medicines. All the medicines delivered by us are DCGI approved and have undergone several quality tests as well.

The Gastro medicine market is booming across the country. The demand for this particular medicine range is increasing and it is expected that this demand will get doubled in the coming years as well. Thus, now is the perfect time to start your business with this medicine segment. An excellent way to start a business in the pharma industry is PCD Pharma Franchise for Gastro product Range. Abiba Pharmacia is the top-most brand name when we talk about delivering quality Gastro products.

The Gastro product range delivered by Abiba Pharmacia for the PCD Franchise business is made using quality raw materials and manufactured under GMP-WHO certified units.

Premium Gastro Range Manufactured by Abiba Pharmacia

Abiba Pharmacia deals with a broad spectrum of Gastro products. All our medicines are highly famous in the country for their built quality, shelf-life, and results and packaging. Accurate packaging, the right composition, measured dosages, etc are the major highlights of our product range. The motto of Abiba Pharmacia is to deliver a sophisticated quality Gastro product range to the customers and clients.

These medicines are manufactured in sanitized and hygienic surroundings and are delivered using the best packaging material. The firm has all the necessary machines or devices required to offer sun high-quality product range at affordable prices. Below-mentioned is the Premium Gastro Range offered by the Best Gastro PCD Franchise, Abiba Pharmacia:

CALCIUM DOBISALATE 500MG – Capsules (KALOBEST) – This medicine is used in curing piles and varicose problems. It works by decreasing the leakage and fragility of the walls of small vessels and also enhances the blood flow by thickening the blood.

 Cyproheptadine HCL 2mg+Tricholine Citrate 275 – Syrup (OLICYP) – It is basically an appetite stimulant that works by bringing down the serotonin (chemical messenger) effect in the hypothalamus (the part that controls appetite). Tricholine citrate removes bile acid from the human body as it is a bile acid removal agent.

Disodium hydrogen Citrate syrup – Syrup (ABIFLOW) – It is a syrup that is used for curing kidney stones and gout. It makes the urine less acidic by raising the pH of urine. All this will allow the kidneys to eliminate excel uric acid. Thus, helping with Kidney stones and gout.

ESOMEPRAZOLE 40 mg, DOMPERIDONE 30SR – Capsule (EPIGASTRO-DSR – It is a combination of two molecules Esomeprazole and Domperidone, and is used for treating acid reflux (Astro reflux disorders) and functional dyspepsia.

LACTULOSE SOLUTION – Syrup (SOGUD 100) – It is a type of laxative that is used to cure issues such as constipation or difficulty in pooing. Moreover, it also helps with several other issues such as severe liver issues like hepatic encephalopathy.

Connect with the Leading Gastro Products Franchise Company | Abiba Pharmacia

The leading PCD Pharma Franchise for Gastro Medicines, Abiba Pharmacia is an ISO-certified firm working in India and delivering quality pharmaceutical medicines to all the users at reasonable prices. The company is a highly-renowned brand name when it comes to Gastro medicines or products. The products delivered by us are highly effective and quality assured. Thus, providing the user with instant results and value for money as well.

Abiba Pharmacia is inviting all the business seekers or interested professionals to come and associate with us and deal with the best every Gastro product range. The business plans and proposals that you will get from us will be beneficial for you in every aspect. Excellent profits margins, fewer investment requirements, the quality product range at low prices, free promotional support are few key highlights of our schemes. The company is covering all the states and offers the following benefits to the people associating with us:

  • A highly demand Gastro product range that is manufactured under GMP-WHO certified manufacturing units is DCGI certified as well.
  • Product range made using high-quality raw materials.
  • Tie-ups with genuine and certified vendors who supply us with quality ingredients.
  • A separate quality checking division where all the medicines are tested to ensure their safety and purity.
  • We have a team of skilled and educated experts. These people are highly experienced and have a vast knowledge of the pharma sector.
  • The company will provide free promotional support to every franchise associate absolutely free of cost.

Why Choose Abiba Pharmacia for Gastro Products Franchise

Abiba Pharmacia functions with a more patient-centric approach. The firm is more inclined towards quality and is always looking to offer a superior quality product range. Due to all such qualities, we have a big customer and client base. The firm is providing marvelous P CD Franchise opportunities in the country with exclusive monopoly rights.

The company is aiming to deliver sheer quality, safe and effective Gastro products to the customers and clients. The premises of the top Gastro PCD Franchise, Abiba Pharmacia are loaded with modern infrastructure and the latest devices. We have always tried to take the feedback seriously and improve ourselves to emerge as the best firms delivering gastro medicines. Below is a key highlight of our firm:

  • Quality Measures Followed: The Company is purely working to deliver a quality product range that meets all the quality standards. WHO-GMP certified manufacturing units, separate quality checking division, and tie-ups with certified raw material suppliers, are few things that ensure the quality of our medicines.
  • Attractive Packaging: The company delivers its quality products in packaging that is made using quality raw materials. All the medicines are packed in safe and air-tight packaging. This ensures the safety of products and makes them more attractive as well.
  • Timely Delivery: We have the best logistics and distribution network which helps us to reach all the locations and deliver the medicines within the set time frame.