Disodium hydrogen Citrate syrup


COMPOSITION: Disodium hydrogen Citrate syrup
PACKING: 100 ml
MRP: 68


Disodium hydrogen Citrate salt composed in syrup is a urine alkaliser, gas relief, and the cure for inflammation due to acidity. This further benefits the treatment of kidney stones, renal tubular acidosis, and gout. This offers a comforting relief from the acidity and helps in cleaning the gut. This promotes the significant breakage of kidney stones. The stones are hard particles formed with the presence of minerals, acid, calcium, other salts, and phosphate that later on gets indulged with the concentrated urine. The involvement of this syrup reduces the impact of renal tubular which happens when the kidney reduces the release of acid which causes the blood to be too acidic.

Disodium hydrogen Citrate is a salt that neutralizes the presence of bicarbonate, resulting in the excretion free from bicarbonate ions. Further outcomes are to have an increasing solubility of cysteine in the urine and the ionization of uric acid which then helps in solubilizing bicarbonate ions. The better result is in the increase of the pH level of urine and hence the urine becomes less acidic. For gastric issues, it reduces the enzyme presence which promotes a significant reduction in acidity and inflammation.

With the regular use of Disodium hydrogen Citrate salt, there comes the occurrence of precautions that are the prime resources for better results. It is important to follow the noticeable precautions as these help in the maintenance of the overall health of a person. Take the syrup in a limited quantity as per the suggestion of a clinician. The syrup needs to be consumed with water for the best results. It is important to take the dose within the given amount of time. Try to avoid the syrup if you face any issues such as an extra, level of menopause, vomiting, loose stools, drowsiness, etc.

Uses of Disodium Hydrogen Citrate Salt

The important use of the syrup is mentioned below. Kindly take the dose as per the suggestion of a doctor and it is necessary to follow the precautions along with the dose. This will offer the best results and the benefiting approaches too.

  • It helps in reducing the occurrence of extreme gasses in the stomach.
  • This promotes a lower level of inflammation and promotes relief from acidity.
  • This is clinically beneficial for the removal of kidney stones.
  • The presence of salt in the syrup breaks the bonds into tiny pieces which are made with calcium., minerals, salts, and other things.
  • It promotes better digestion.
  • This helps in offering control from the presence of acid which further reduces the inflammation in the urine.

Precaution with Disodium hydrogen Citrate Salt

Some of the important precautions which are required and need to be followed by the person facing several issues of Kidney stone., gout, acidity, gas, etc are mentioned below. This is important to have protection against the generated side effects.

  • Take the syrup in a limited quantity.
  • Do not miss any dose.
  • Take the syrup only under external circumstances.
  • Do not consume alcohol.
  • This is a benefit recommended for the pregnant woman.
  • Avoid intake of any other dose in combination.

Side Effects of Disodium Hydrogen Citrate Syrup

The reported side effects of the syrup are mentioned below.

  • Nausea
  • Loose Stools 
  • Vomiting
  • Digestive issues

Storage- Keep the Disodium hydrogen Citrate syrup stored in a cool and dry place with no contact with sunlight.

Note- The Disodium hydrogen Citrate syrup is for external use.