Aceclofenac and Paracetamol Tablets

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MRP: 380/590

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Aceclofenac and Paracetamol Tablets are used as effective treatments for reducing pain and inflammation. This medication contains two effective medicines, namely Aceclofenac and Paracetamol. Aceclofenac functions by inhibiting the effect of chemical messengers like prostaglandins. They are accountable for causing pain and inflammation. While Paracetamol has both analgesic and antipyretic properties which decreases mild pain and possibly fever.

For the best possible effects, take Aceclofenac and Paracetamol Tablets exactly as prescribed by the healthcare provider. These tablets should be swallowed whole with liquid after meals since it helps avoid an upset stomach. In addition, you must read the patient leaflet as it contains the official guidelines. Follow those guidelines to ensure the best usage of this medication. Moreover, you should take it at the dose recommended as a higher dosage may cause side effects.

Precautions for Aceclofenac and Paracetamol Tablets

To attain the maximum effects from this medicine, take it in the dose and duration advised by the doctor. Do not take a higher dosage of the medicine as it may cause adverse reactions. In addition, read the label for the official guidelines and consider following them to ensure the best effects. Moreover, you should consider taking the below-listed points into account while using this medicine.

Other Measures to Take:-

  • Individuals with alcoholism, liver diseases, and bleeding disorder should share their medical history with the healthcare provider before they start treatment with this medication.
  • Your doctor will advise you on the suitable dosage of this medicine, depending on your medical condition, age, gender, etc. Take it in the recommended dose as a higher dosage may cause liver damage or allergic reactions.
  • Aceclofenac and Paracetamol Tablets should be swallowed as a whole; without breaking, chewing, biting, or crushing. Take this medicine with liquid after a meal to prevent any potential gastric irritation that it may cause when taken empty stomach.
  • The safety of this medicine during pregnancy and breastfeeding is not known. Hence, take this medicine after consulting your doctor if you are pregnant, breastfeeding, or planning to get pregnant.
  • Aceclofenac and Paracetamol Tablets may interact with other drugs, including cholesterol-lowering drugs (cholestyramine), medicine to stop vomiting (domperidone, metoclopramide), etc. So, inform your doctor about the other medications you are taking.

Take this medicine with the above-listed points in mind to get the best effects from this medicine. Moreover, make sure you consult your doctor and gather all the details about this medicine before starting treatment with it.

Side effects

After taking Aceclofenac and Paracetamol Tablets, you may experience mild to moderate side effects. Those side effects usually do not persist or worsen for a longer duration. However, if your body develops any rare side effects, or the common side effects persist, inform your healthcare provider as soon as possible.

Common Side effects:-

  • Nausea
  • Diarrhea
  • Dizziness
  • Drowsiness
  • Dyspepsia

Note:- This list may not have all the information about the adverse effects offered by this medication. You may encounter other side effects and for more deets, you can confer with your healthcare provider.

Frequently Asked Questions

Q. What are the uses of Aceclofenac and Paracetamol Tablets?

A. This medication is effective in relieving pain and reducing inflammation. It contains two drugs, namely Aceclofenac and Paracetamol.

Q. Is it safe to take this medicine?

A. Yes, this medicine is safe to use if taken in the recommended use for the prescribed length.

Q. Can you stop taking Aceclofenac and Paracetamol Tablets when you feel okay?

A. Continue taking this medicine for the prescribed length as stopping the treatment may not provide full relief.

Q. Can you drive while taking these tablets?

A. No, this medicine may cause sleepiness and dizziness, so, evade driving vehicles.