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COMPOSITION: Paracetamol 250 mg
PACKING: 60 ml
MRP: 27.8


Paracetamol 250 mg Suspension – Paracetamol 250 mg Suspension is a pediatric drug that is used for the treatment of viral symptoms in child-related to fever, pains like a headache, and moderate body pains. The effective syrup gives intense relief by decreasing the pain and attacking the virus affecting your health. Paracetamol 250 mg Suspension is proven to be best for instant relaxation and is advisable to take in a slender amount as prescribed by your respected physician. The drug may give you the feeling so dizziness and your body might release an excess amount of sweat but that should not be considered a scenario of tension.

TheParacetamol 250 mg Suspension contains Actaminophenwhich specializes in the release of a certain chemical that decreases pain and reduces temperature.

Use of Paracetamol 250 mg Suspension

The mentioned drug is specifically made for the treatment of the child and is safe to take under guidance only.


Fever is a common increase in body temperature that does not fall under the category of desired body temperature set by clinical science. Hence, Paracetamol 250 mg Suspension is developed in a way to treat fever and give quick results.


The drug helps you get rid of that unwanted discomfort that makes your child cranky and exasperated. This medication treats all kinds of pain such as headaches, toothache, and mild body aches.


The mentioned syrup is safe to take during pregnancy feverishness and while you are breastfeeding but it’s a sincere request to take it under the consultation of a doctor only.

Pharmaceutical Substance in Paracetamol 250 mg Suspension

Below are the mentioned components that are used in making the Paracetamol 250 mg Suspension.

Propylene glycol, methyl hydroxybenzoate, propyl hydroxybenzoate, xanthan gum, sorbitol solution 70%, sucrose, fruit flavoring, contains tartrazine (E102) and carmoisine (E122), sweetness enhancer, sodium citrate, and purified water.

Consumption Guidelines

  1. The dose should not be taken, more than 4 times a day.
  2. The advisable gap duration between the suggested cure must be 4 hours.
  3. The quantity measurement is different for every age group, thereby it is solicited to seek advice from your medical practitioner.

Aftereffects of Paracetamol 250 mg Suspension

There are some aftereffects of Paracetamol 250 mg Suspension which are completely normal, but you can consult your doctor if you face any serious issues.

  1. You might notice dizziness in your routine.
  2. There are chances you may sweat more than before.
  3. Might lose the appetite or change in taste.
  4. You may notice dark-colored urine.
  5. Either you will become constipated or release more stole.

Disclaimer: Symptoms may vary from person to person.

Note: Pregnant women or breastfeeding mothers must consult before consumption.

Safety measures to be followed

  • Do not take it with a combination of other medicine having the same active substance.
  • Make sure not to take double quantities of the suggested syrup.
  • Follow the quantity guidelines for different age groups.
  • If you are allergic to any of the given salt, it’s a sincere request not to consume them.

Frequently Asked Questions for Paracetamol 250 mg Suspension

  1. Is Paracetamol 250 mg Suspension clinically a safe drug for infant consumption?

As mentioned above, Paracetamol 250 mg Suspension is specially made for pediatric purposes thereby it is safe for consumption. For further assurance, you may please contact your clinician.

  1. Does a person develop some skin allergies during the remedy period?

Allergies may vary from person to person, and so are the aftereffects. So, kindly consult your physician for the same.

  1. How much per day is required for pregnant women?

We would not recommend any dose quantity since you are pregnant rather we would request you kindly ask you, a respected doctor, for it.