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DICLOFENAC AQUA 1 G. belongs to the class of anti-inflammatory non-steroidal drugs that are primarily known for the treatment of body pains. There are times when the patient is under the influence of pain and due to which one suffers from a joint illness, muscle tendency, and much more, hence the usage of the inspection is required in such as case. It is very important to associate with the professional before getting the dose as this is only for severe conditions and not for normal conditions.  It also relieves kidney pain and back pain and also benefits the person with the injuries.

 DICLOFENAC AQUA 1 G. contains the pain killer receptors which are known to kill the body’s pain with an instance, as it is a heavy dose composition, this is known to have an automated process under which it stabilizes the body’s energies and reduces the muscle tendency effect too. As it is an anti-inflammatory drug, it provides suitable results in relief from the symptoms. There are prime benefits of the drug but the important factor to understand is that one needs to manage the capability of the injection by the precaution such as getting yourself injected by the professional only, noting that the professional is using the injection and primarily focusing on the generation after effects too. It is important as if any of the severe effects occur, one must report to the doctor immediately.

In general terms, the noted effects of Diclofenac Aqua Injection are nausea, digestive issues, vomiting, heartburn, and more. Most commonly, one will suffer from swelling and bruises on the application area of the injection. The pregnant woman is initiated not to apply the injection under any of the conditions and neither should the children below the age of 18 years. It is important that the person should know the effects carefully and inform the doctor about the medical conditions.

Advantages of  Diclofenac Aqua 1 G. Injection

As per the indication process, the advantages are provided to patients who are suffering from severe levels of body pains and many others. Hence, for primary purposes, there has to be the requirement of the clinician’s guidance from the support system of the injection. The benefits are mentioned below.

  • One can have relief from the severe condition of back pain.
  • Is offered to patients who have an outgrowing pain from the kidney stone.
  • The helps in the provision of relieving pains of the back pains
  • Contains the enzymes that lock the pain receptors.
  • Helps in the provision of the anti-inflammatory properties.

Precaution for Dicolinac Aqua 1 G. Injection

It is important that the person must follow the precaution on a serious note because it will truly help in the generation of better effects.

  • Do not get the injection dose if it provides side effects.
  • Try to maintain a healthy diet.
  • Do not exercise too much while suffering from pain.
  • It is important that one has to follow up the doctor’s advice.


Our company does not suggest the intake of the Dicolinac Aqua 1 G injection, consult your doctor for the details.


Dicolinac Aqua 1 G Injection has to be stored in a cool and dry place without contact with sunlight.

Note – Dicolinac Aqua Injection is only for external use.