Fungal Diastase 50mg+Pepsin 10mg Drops


COMPOSITION: Fungal Diastase 50mg+Pepsin 10mg
PACKING: 200ml
MRP: 79


Fungal Diastase with Pepsin Drops is an effective solution for various digestive or stomach-related problems in babies and children. These drops help in treating and relieving indigestion, acidity, bloating, burping, etc. It also acts as an appetite stimulant, thereby increasing hunger. Offered in the market with the brand name ZYMOST, these drops are available at the Best Fungal Diastase with Pepsin Drops Manufacturer, Abiba Pharmacia.

Uses of Fungal Diastase 50mg+Pepsin 10mg Drops

  1. Helps with various digestive disorders in children.
  2. Promotes appetite stimulation.
  3. Treats gastric problems.
  4. Solves indigestion issues.
  5. Helps with abdominal discomfort.
  6. Improves overall digestive health.

How Fungal Diastase and Pepsin Work

These drops contain two digestive enzymes, i.e., Fungal Diastase and Pepsin. Fungal Diastase in this medicine is a starch hydrolyzing enzyme that converts complex carbohydrates known as polysaccharides (starch) into simple carbohydrates, i.e, monosaccharides (simple sugar). It helps with digestion during stomach fullness, chronic illness, and indigestion. On the contrary, a protein-digesting enzyme Pepsin helps in the breakdown of larger protein molecules into small protein units (amino acids). Together, Fungal Diastase and Pepsin work excellently in stomach issues and digestive illnesses.

Safety Precautions

While giving Fungal Diastase with Pepsin Drops to the child, there are certain essential things that you must take care of to ensure no adverse effects on the child’s health. Down below are some of the safety precautions that you must take when starting the treatment with this medicine for the child:

  1. Give these drops to your child after a meal for better absorption and digestion.
  2. Before giving Fungal Diastase with Pepsin Drops to the child, make sure the child’s doctor is in the know of all the other medicines he/she is taking.
  3. It is important to notify the doctor if your child ever had an allergic reaction to fungal diastase, pepsin, or any other pork proteins.
  4. In order to prevent the possibility of the medicine’s effectiveness being lowered, ensure to feed your child with a healthy diet alongside these drops.
  5. It is important to give Fungal Diastase with Pepsin Drops to the child exactly as directed. If any doses are missed, the symptoms may return quickly and get worse over time.
  6. Try giving this medication every day at the same time to the child to ensure the child is getting the required doses on a timely basis.

Side Effects

Fungal Diastase 50mg+Pepsin 10mg Drops are well-tolerated by children and do not generally bring any unwanted side effects to the child if given in the right dosage. However, there are rare chances of some children experiencing side effects with this medication. Most of the time, these negative effects are minor and do not cause babies too much trouble. Once the body adjusts to the medicine, it should disappear. The side effects associated with these drops include the following:

  1. Upset Stomach
  2. Abdominal Pain
  3. Feeling of Sickness
  4. Diarrhea
  5. Vomiting

If you think your child is having unwanted discomfort for a long time after consuming these drops, make sure to consult the doctor or pediatrician.

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

  1. What should be done if the child is having indigestion?

If your child is having indigestion, it is better to give prebiotics, probiotics, and plenty of fluids to them along with Fungal Diastase with Pepsin Drops.

  1. What foods should be given to children for better digestion?

Along with the treatment of Fungal Diastase with Pepsin Drops, fiber-rich foods like bananas, whole grains, lentils, berries, beans, peas, etc., can be given to the child for digestion.