Cholecalciferol granules 60000 iu Sachets


COMPOSITION: Cholecalciferol granules 60000 iu
MRP: 500


Proteins for muscles and calcium for bones are the very essential compound but sometimes due to some reasons, our bodies do not get sufficient amounts of calcium in that because we either lacks calcium or suffer from the problem of disease caused because of a deficiency of vitamin D. Sometimes our body is unable to absorb vitamin D due to some medical condition and in women by the age the pores of the bones get increase which creates the problem of weak bones.

For such conditions, Cholecalciferol granules 60000 iu Sachets can be used. These sachets are used to treat the deficiency of Vitamin D or for rectifying the problem due to the deficiency of vitamin D. This particular drug is used to treat osteoporosis because over time bones become weaker due to the low level of calcium. Sometimes mother milk lacks Vitamin D or the child’s body does not absorb a sufficient amount of Vitamin D and suffers due to having weak bones and for them, this drug comes in the form of Sachets which make it easy to administrate in the child’s body.

Mechanisms of Cholecalciferol granules 60000 iu Sachets

The problem with lacking calcium is that the body is unable to absorb calcium from any source of calcium such as Sunlight, milk, etc and in such cases, we can use these sachets. These Sachets come under the category of Provitamin and when these sachets get administrated to the body it get metabolized and transferred to the whole body which takes the form of calcitriol and this change form of Cholecalciferol granules 60000 iu Sachet simulate the process of absorption of the calcium and phosphate from the intestines and kidney. This sachet also helps in regulating the release of body calcium from bones to the blood.

Benefits of Cholecalciferol granules 60000 iu Sachets    

Generally, supplements come in the form of a capsule to avoid the awkward taste of that particular supplement but some supplements are not easy to digest and if there is the case of children they cannot take tablets and capsules that is why this drug come in the form of sachets. These are some benefits that you can have by using these Sachets.

  1. It helps in maintaining the proper growth of children’s bodies.
  2. It helps in fulfilling the requirement of Vitamin D3.
  3. It helps in treating osteoporosis problems.
  4. It helps in increasing the absorption of calcium and phosphate which makes your teeth and bones healthy.
  5. The way to administrate this drug is easy and children can easily take this.

Side effects of Cholecalciferol granules 60000 iu Sachets   

This is a chemically formulated compound and a very chemically formulated compound can do some harm if you are not careful. Excess of vitamin D may cause many problems. These are some side effects from which you may suffer.

  1. You may suffer from constipation.
  2. This sachet can cause vomiting.
  3. This may cause nausea.
  4. You may suffer from chest pain and maybe you can feel short of breath.
  5. This medication can increase the calcium amount in the urine.

Way to use Cholecalciferol granules 60000 iu Sachets  

Sachets are generally a form of powder and this powder comes in a small amount in a small package. This medication is used for maintaining the body’s calcium level or to fulfilling the deficiency of calcium. To use it at its full capacity you must follow these set of instructions.

  1. First, start this medication as per the doctor’s instructions.
  2. Use one full sachet because moisture can affect the concentration of this powder.
  3. Keep it dry and dark place.
  4. As per the doctor’s instruction use this sachet either once a week or once in 6 months or whatever your doctor instructed.
  5. Mix this sachet with milk and then consume this medicine because milk has a sufficient amount of calcium in it.