Imipenem and Cilastatin Injection


COMPOSITION: Imipenem Cilastatin Injection 500 Mg
MRP: 1600


Imipenem and Cilastatin Injection is used to treat severe bacterial infections, such as endocarditis, infections respiratory tract, urinary tract, abdominal ara, gynecological, blood, bone, skin, and joint. This medication is composed of two drugs; Imipenem and Cilastatin. Imipenem is in a class of medicines called antibiotics that functions by killing bacteria. On the other hand, Cilastatin belongs to a class of drugs called dehydropeptidase inhibitors that acts by helping Imipenem to stay active for a longer duration in the human body.

Imipenem and Cilastatin Injection doesn’t work for flu, cold, or other viral infections. Taking antibiotics when not needed may increase the risk of getting infections and resisting antibiotic treatment. Hence, take this medicine after consulting your healthcare provider. Also, do not administer this injection at home unless advised by the doctor. Your doctor or nurse will give your this injection at the hospital intravenously or intramuscularly. However, if taking this medicine at home, use it around the same time every day.

Precautions for Imipenem and Cilastatin Injection

This medicine may be used for fever in some patients and individuals with a high risk for infection. Consult your doctor and discuss the risks associated with your condition. In addition, follow the doctor’s advice throughout the treatment course for the best possible effects. Also, read the leaflet that came along with the medication and follow the guidelines mentioned. All above, you can consider following the below-listed points to be on the safe side.

Measures to Take:-

  • Before commencing treatment with this medicine, inform your doctor if you have kidney or liver disease, heart diseases, stomach disorders, etc.
  • Be sure to tell your doctor if you are trying to get pregnant, pregnant, or breastfeeding. In addition, if you become pregnant during the treatment course, notify your healthcare provider.
  • You should start to feel better during the first few days of the treatment course with Imipenem and Cilastatin injections. However, if your symptoms do not improve, or they get worse, call your healthcare provider.
  • Continue using this medicine until prescribed even if you feel OK. If you abruptly stop the treatment course or skip doses, your infection may become resistant to antibiotics.
  • Inform your doctor if you are allergic to Imipenem and Cilastatin Injection or any of its contents. Also, tell your doctor if you are taking other medications, including herbal products, non-prescritpion, or prescription medications.

Take the above-listed points into consideration and get the best possible effects. Additionally, follow the doctor’s directions and the official guidelines. To know more deets about this medicine, get in touch with your healthcare provider.

Possible Side Effects

Unlike other medications, Imipenem and Cilastatin Injection causes mild to moderate side effects. Those adverse reactions fade away once the treatment course is over. However, if your body develops any rare side effects or your symptoms start to get worse, inform your healthcare provider.

Common Side Effects:-

  • Nausea,
  • Vomiting,
  • Diarrhea,
  • Rash, etc.

Note: The above listed are not all the side effects that Imipenem and Cilastatin Injection causes. It may cause other side effects too. Get the complete list by visiting your physician or healthcare professional.

Frequently Asked Questions (Imipenem Cilastatin Injection 500 Mg)

Q. What is the use of Imipenem and Cilastatin Injection?

A. This medicine is used as an effective treatment for severe infections caused by bacteria. In addition, it may be used for fever.

Q. Does Imipenem and Cilastatin Injection cause any side effects?

A. Yes, while taking this medicine you may experience mild to moderate side effects, such as Nausea, Vomiting, Diarrhea, Rash, etc.

Q. Can you stop taking this medicine when you feel OK?

A. No, do not stop taking this medicine even if you feel better. Continue taking Imipenem and Cilastatin injections until prescribed.

Q. How much time does Imipenem and Cilastatin Injection take to work?

A. Imipenem Cilastatin Injection 500 Mg starts working in the first few days. However, if you see no improvement, inform your doctor.