An Ayurvedic Cough Syrup


COMPOSITION: An Ayurvedic Cough Syrup
PACKING: 100ml
MRP: 55


ABITUSS-H is a honey and tulsi-based ayurvedic formulation that is useful in the treatment of cough, throat irritation, and cold.  This cough syrup is made up of natural and pure ingredients. Additionally, these natural ingredients provide relaxation from the symptoms of all types of cough. Due to the natural composition this cough syrup is non-drowsy, in other words, we can say that the patient does not feel sleepy, and this ayurvedic medication is free from gluten.

Coughing is a kind of health condition in which patients feel irritation in their throat caused by bacteria, smoke, and other allergic irritants. This is a process in which coughing clears the way for mucus and other substances. This herbal cough syrup is a kind of natural remedy for treating cough and cold. All its ingredients have their own healing properties.  It includes ingredients that are natural, Tulsi, and honey.

Key Benefits

ABITUSS-H cough syrup is beneficial in many ways, and the following are some important benefits of herbal medication.

  1. This medication helps to soothe and improve the respiratory system of the patient.
  2. ABITUSS-H cough syrup prevents the user from symptoms of cold and cough like congestion, sore throat, and coughing.
  3. Boost the immunity system.
  4. Helpful in better sleep by reducing cough.
  5. Low inflammation in the respiratory system.
  6. This medication is a safe and natural alternative to prescribed drugs.
  7. Use for all age groups

Storage indications

For storing the ABITUSS-H cough syrup, patients should read the indications mentioned on the label of the container and keep the ayurvedic cough syrup in a cool and dry place away from the sunlight. Keep the cap of the bottle airtight.  Never flush out the medication after use.

Product specification

Brand name: ABITUSS-H

Manufacturer: Abiba Pharmacia

Country of origin: India

Category: Drugs for cough and cold

Ingredients: Tulsi, and honey

Packaging Type: Bottle

Packaging size: 100ml

Form of medication: Ayurvedic

Usage: Clinical, and medical

 Price: 55

Side effects with the use of ABITUSS-H Cough syrup

This medication is an ayurvedic drug for treating colds and coughs and this ayurvedic cough syrup is safe to use for users because it is made up of natural ingredients. In other words, we can say that this medication is free from side effects. In case of feeling any discomfort after using this herbal drug, patients should consult with their healthcare to avoid symptoms of discomfort.

Safety Precaution

Safety is a must in case of using any medication and the following are some important safety information.

  1. The patient should read the indications before using ABITUSS-H cough syrup.
  2. Use with preconditions before use in children
  3. Use only the prescribed dose
  4. Never skip the dose for the best result.
  5. Tell the doctor if you have an allergy to any of one ingredient of the cough syrup.
  6. This is safe to use for breastfeeding and pregnant females, but consultation with the doctor is a must.

Frequently asked questions

 Question: Can I use ABITUSS-H cough syrup for treating fever?

Answer:  No, the natural ingredients of this medication are useful in the treatment of cough and cold not for treating fever.

Question: does ABITUSS-H cough syrup show any side effects with use?

Answer: No, its herbal ingredients free this medicine from side effects. But if some patients feel any discomfort with the use of ABITUSS-H cough syrup then they should take instant consultancy with their doctor.

Question: is ABITUSS-H cough syrup providing relaxation from stomach pain?

Answer:  No, this medication is not for treating stomach pain because this only treats cough and cold symptoms.

Question: Can I use ABITUSS-H cough syrup on an empty stomach?

Answer:  Yes, patients can consume this herbal drug with an empty stomach but for the best result, the user may take it with food also.