Sodium Chloride Nasal Drops are the respiratory drop that helps in the treatment of clearing the excessive deposit of phlegm on bronchitis. It helps in the prevention of nasal congestion or commonly called stuffy nose, the dryness that occurs in the nasal passages which can be due to the occurrence of pollutant allergies, common cold, flu, and even nasal irritation. The nasal drops are very much effective for people who are suffering from respiratory tract infections asb it that the variants that treat the effective cause and provide immediate relief from the infection too.

Sodium Chloride is a salt used in Nasal Drops that prevents the occurrence and development of mucus in the canal and releases phlegm within seconds. This is the fastest relief action that benefits the person by removing the toxins and reducing the thick deposits. It helps the person breathe clearly. This is known as the isotonic solution that loses the vessels and keeps the nose canal moisturized for longer hours. It also dissolves the thick mucus layer and lets the person breathe naturally.

The use of Sodium Chloride Nasal Drops has to be done very responsibly as it may cause some serious effects which can be prevented by following the precautions completely. The advantages of the drops will receive once a person consults the doctor and follows the guidelines such as using the appropriate and the suggested quantity of the drops, and directly putting the drops in the nose either with the help of someone or on your own. There are some side effects too that may occur with the use of this nasal drop such as burning sensations in the nose, inflammation, pungent taste in the mount, nose sting, etc. Take this responsibility as are for external use only. Kindly inform the doctor about any severe allergies. Avoid using these if you are pregnant, also these are not suitable for the use of children.

Advantages of Sodium Chloride Nasal Drops

The use of the nasal drop are mentioned below but these will only offer the best results if taken with care under the consultation of a clinician.

  1. Cleans the airways of the nose.
  2. Helps the person breathe properly.
  3. Losses the mucus thereby helping it release.
  4. Moisturizes the nose.
  5. Prevents irritation.


Precaution with Sodium Chloride Nasal Drops

There are some necessary precautions that must be followed by the person while using these nasal drops. These will help in the treatment and reduce the effects of side effects too.

  1. Drops must be used in an appropriate quantity.
  2. Kindly use it with the guidance of a doctor.
  3. Put directly into the nostrils.
  4. Follow the instructions of a doctor.
  5. Kindly avoid using it if you are pregnant.
  6. Do not consume alcohol.


Side Effects of Sodium Chloride Nasal Drops

The frequent side effects of nasal drops are mentioned below.

  1. Bruning sensations.
  2. Inflammation in nose
  3. Pungent taste in throat.
  4. Frequent coughing.


Storage- Keep the Sodium Chloride Nasal Drops stored in a cool and dry place with no contact with sunlight.

Note- The Sodium Chloride Nasal Drops are only for external use.